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(Symdaddy is George Turnbull. Sym is my border collie, of which I am the 'daddy')
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Wednesday, 30 March 2011


This beautiful Rottie girl was


Sunday, 27th February.

Hi there everyone. Benji, the gorgeous Westie/Poodle X is settling in very well, considering he has only been here since Thursday.

 He is eating and sleeping well and going for lots of walks. He has had a busy day today what with going to Church, going for a walk with me and my sister and also going over to my mother's house for a look around.

At the moment he is sleeping as he's very tired after his busy day. 

Parfig (forum name)

Monday, 28 March 2011

Jackson's Journey Wednesday 22/09/2010,

(Jackson takes up the story)

Well it's my blog now as ‘P’ (Peter) has got writer's cramp. 

Today he let me off the lead on grass & I went haring off - can't manage the old turn of speed yet, but it will come. 

Found a stick, stood in front of him wagging my tail but he didn't throw it. All he wanted to do was tell me to slow down and take it easy ... I can't understand him sometimes.  

The wizz around was good but not long enough. There was a little crowd gathered and everyone seemed amazed at what I was doing. 

Nobody gave me any biscuits so it couldn't have been that good.

Then he took me in the car to the same place (vet) he took me Monday ... this time for a "check up". 

I got inside and thought "Last time I came here I came in with 4 legs and went out with three" so, as I couldn't afford to lose another I was rather reluctant to go in. 

When I was in I saw the chap who nicked my leg but he gave me a couple of biscuits so he's OK again. 

Like everyone else, he was amazed and very pleased with me.

I hope they don't re-christen me Robin (Reliant*) but P(eter) & D(aphne) seem a lot happier and I hope you are too. 

Thanks to everyone who has passed on good wishes. 

Extra special thanks to Zoe and all the carers! 

Please don't let them chuck me out of fourpaws even though with only three, technically I don't qualify any more.


* Robin Reliant = three wheeled car, ca 1970's

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Re-homed Sweeties


Bed sharing

Re-homed Oct. 2010
with Derek & Gina.

Dog training Cookie (cat) style


Re-homed Mar.2011
with Jeans57 (forum name)

Duke (was Dewi)

Re-homed Mar. 2011      
with Boxerlover (forum name)


           Re-homed Mar. 2011
with Millsy (forum name)

Friday, 25 March 2011

You Wanted Something?

Sent to me by Julie Williams
courtesy of this place

Jackson Pt II

(Originally posted on the FP-Forum on September 21, 2010)

Members of the Four Paws forum have sent us, and Jack, messages of support, sentiments and good wishes we  will try to do Jack justice. 

Things like his "high five" may be a thing of the past but knowing Jack he'll find a way.    

Well, Jack had the amputation yesterday at about noon & came hopping into the surgery when we picked him up at 4.30pm the same afternoon! 

All at the surgery were absolutely amazed at how well he'd done. Before the Op the vet had told us he would be pretty miserable for a couple of days then it could take up to 4 days to get him mobile. 

Not our Jack - his tail wagged when he saw us and it was as if to say "I'll show you I can do it" just like everything else he does..  

He was a bit "spaced out" all night and I didn't get much sleep. 

Today we have managed to get him into the car (not so difficult as he leapt in the hard bit was just trying to stop him falling over) & took him to the field this morning where he managed the water part of his ablutions. 

He is much better than ever we thought to would be he is even lying on the wound now whereas yesterday he yelped when he tried.  He looks as ungainly as Ann Widdecombe on Strictly at the present. 

His biggest problem is keeping balance with his tail wagging all the time he is out.

Someone asked about photographs? They will follow, but at the moment Jack would prefer to wait until the fur has grown back as it looks as if a bit from an old leather sofa has been stuck on his side.

I will write a weekly or so update as best I can through Jack's eyes. If I can become more than a visitor and post directly so much the better.

Peter & Daphne

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Decisions, Decisions!

Some are easy to make  ...

(pictures courtesy of Julie William)

My Foster Brother - Dear Milo

Polly before...

 My Foster Brother

There’s a dog in my bed 
I don’t know where he’s come from! 
All my toys are broken 
and all my food is gone! 

Where’s that biscuit I hid last week? 
That darned dog he’s got some cheek! 
My favourite blanket is now all soggy 
I'm not sure I like this new doggy. 

I'm always being blamed for the pool of pee 
The one he does but mum never see’s. 
I cannot sit on my mums lap no more 
And he’s stolen my place by the fireside floor. 

I suppose ill get used to him, just like the rest 
But first he’s got to undergo my little test! 
Can he play and run as fast as I can? 
Nope he cant, that means I'm still THE man! 

I suppose my mum is right…… 
I wouldn't like to be in kennels in the dark of night. 
I've got a home that lovely and safe 
And my foster bro should have such a place. 

... and after

Dear Milo, 

I once knew a dog by that very same name 
he used to think picking up leaves was an awesome game 
He was my bestest pick of a rowdy bunch 
are you the same dog? I just got a hunch. 

The Milo I knew had a very strange dad 
sometimes he was good but mostly he was bad 
he had only a little covering on top 
and I don't mean his clothes but his mop 

The Milo I new was lovely and kind 
and when it came to collies settled my mind 
I miss the Milo I once knew 
But I have a sneaking feeling that, that Milo is YOU! 

Seren Davies

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Jackson (“Jack” to all) – Black Labrador

(Originally posted on the FP-Forum on September 21, 2010)

I would like to chronicle the story of Jackson, whom we acquired from Four Paws only 6 weeks ago. It is, at the present, a sad story that may have a happier outcome – only time will tell.

Having lost a Labrador in March due to a very sudden onset of arthritis in his lower spine and being both nearer 70 than 60 we were looking for an older dog and Jack came into our lives. His story was sad but not bad, his previous owners split up and they could no longer give the Jack the attention he needs and deserves. Luckily for him Four Paws were on hand to give him second chance. They were most careful to stress his needs were their top priority and, as we had had Labradors for over 15 years we had a head start. Even then we had to go through the checks they consider essential, especially as we had another Labrador and two settled-in-their-ways ageing cats. Having met Jack with his carer I have to admit to some nervousness that we might be turned down.

Jack’s personality and training saw him through all tests with flying colours (not us - it seemed like he was the one who wanted to please all) and some six weeks ago he arrived; within days he became a member of the family in every sense. He won over everyone in the “dog community” here and with his energy and “joie de vivre” (even though nearly 7 he is like a puppy) he was simply a pleasure. He is our 4th Labrador and embodies all that we consider best in “Labrador characteristics”. He checked out as fit as flea with the Four Paws (and my) vet; his previous owners also obviously really cared, he was well trained (even bi-lingual) and they hadn’t succumbed to his doleful pleading eyes when food was around so he was superbly fit! 

Nothing to be sad at all and everything couldn’t be better. It seemed to be too good to be true - and sadly it was. Jack had shown a slight almost fleeting lameness occasionally in his front left leg that both the carer (and us) put down to muscle strain or a sprain as he was suddenly being given three vigorous walks a day. It went away as quickly as it came but then recurred a couple of times, so we took him to the vet where a regime of anti-inflammatory medication and painkillers was prescribed. At the end of the 10 days the lameness re-appeared whilst he was in the house and with no obvious reason.

Back to the vet and devastating news Jack very probably had a bone cancer. We were both dumbfounded, and when a second opinion confirmed the terrible news, it was time to assess the situation. Jack appeared exactly the same ebullient, full of life dog, but choices had to be made. Bone cancer is apparently very aggressive and the only way to relieve pain, and have any possibility of preventing spread, was amputation – devastating to humans but something apparently dogs can usually cope with. Drastic but without it Jack would probably not have more than 2 to 3 months to live. Due to the aggressive nature of the condition it was decided two days after the diagnosis, in conjunction with Four Paws and the vet to operate as soon as possible. Internet research confirmed that, short of leaving Jack to his fate, losing the leg was the only way forward.

There was a further complication as we were due to go on holiday next Tuesday but we felt that Jack deserved the best shot at beating the cancer so we cancelled. Sunday came and Jack is a “water dog” so we gave him his last treat on four legs and took him to Rest Bay where he was in his element. In many ways it was terribly sad to think this would be the last time he would be able to play normally with our other dog like he was doing but we can only do our best for him – he certainly deserves it. Looking at the trust in his eyes makes things so difficult and it is impossible for us to tell him either what is coming or that it is for the best.

Sadly that is not to be and life will change for Jack forever. The decision to amputate wasn’t easy in terms of what it will do to him especially not knowing how he will react, or cope. It was easy in that it gives him the best chance of a long life, or even a short one free of pain. The fact that he is well capable of undergoing the operation and coping with life on three legs is very much due to his previous owners caring for him as they did. 

There isn’t a good long-term forecast either, although there is a chance that the cancer hasn’t spread. If it hasn’t then he will live to an old age but if it has the future is not good. We won’t know this for some time, as only X-Rays will tell. Both of us looked at the situation and all we can do is commit to giving Jack our every attention and all the assistance we can. There are three on this journey and we will try to give Jack confidence and help him to have as full a life as is possible.

We have been extremely lucky that we have had the pleasure of Jack’s company even for such a short time. It is amazing that Jack has had the effect on us that he has and it is a tribute to him that such a bond has developed in less than two months. It is Jack that has been desperately unlucky (less than 1 dog in a thousand gets bone cancer but then again he is a one-in-a-million dog) but he seems to have the heart of a lion and I’m sure he will fight to the end. 

The dreaded day has come and the second chapter of Jack’s life begins from now. It was extremely upsetting to take him for his op. and the enthusiasm and pleasure he showed jumping into the car only made things worse. I feel stupid that I am so emotional and will have over the next few days make sure that he gets lots of TLC and support (probably literally) to help him adapt to his new life. I hope Four Paws will let me tell his story as it unfolds – Jack deserves no less. 

Four Paws do a tremendous service to animals who want nothing more than a loving home and give so much. Jack’s misfortune should not deter anyone from adopting a dog – genuinely wanting to adopt is the critical step, as it maps you out as a person who loves animals. Short though our time together has been Jack has more than repaid our commitment to him now it’s our turn and I just hope we don’t let him down.

Peter and Daphne

Monday, 21 March 2011

Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Brave Defender And The Dog Sludgie Trail

(Originally posted on Thursday, 25 November 2010)

It was twenty past two in the morning and I thought I'd heard something downstairs.

I was out of bed and awake quicker than you could do something quickly, my 9 iron whisked out from under the pillow (well, where would you keep yours?) and ready for action.

I tip-toed to the head of the stairs in a 'ziggy-zaggy' kind of way so I could avoid all those squeaky floor boards I've been meaning to replace.  I did not alert the intruder by switching on a light and I certainly didn't say "Is anyone there?" because if someone answered "Yes!", I just knew I'd shit a brick, if not a whole bungalow!

In the downstairs hallway there was nothing to be seen, so I crept down the stairs as quietly as possible.

I quickly checked the front door and it was still intact and locked.

I went through to the kitchen ... nothing!

The back door and all the windows were all secure.

I felt safe enough to put the light on at this point.

It went 'click'

It lit up.

As my eyes adjusted to the light, it slowly dawned on me that there was no intruder and that one of the dogs must have been responsible for the noise that I heard.

There were three tired, but guilty looking dogs lying in their beds.

But that is not what convinced me that one of them was to blame ... no!

It was the trail.

It was a UK size 7 trail.

A trail down the centre of the hallway and into the kitchen.

It ended in exactly the place where I was stood.

It was brown!!!

As were my flip-flops!!!

Three dogs pretended very hard to be fast asleep and the cat sniggered!

Let me tell you ... there is nothing more sure to wake you up, and give you no chance of getting back to sleep, than cleaning up dog mess at two-thirty in the morning.

It was .... [YAWN] ... an awful exp... [yawn] ...erience so early ... [yawn] ... in the... zzz zzz zzz ZZZ.....................

Ball Throwing For A Clever Pup!

My dog's activities in the park have been reported on numerous occasions and no doubt someone, right now, whilst reading this is saying 'Oh no! Not again'!


Our walks are always ball throwing walks as far as Sym is concerned.

I throw, Sym chases, catches then brings it back.


I have determined that four commands come into play whilst playing ball.

"Fetch it"          - when he drops it out of reach off the path.
"Where is it?"   - to get his attentions when he drops it somewhere out of sight.
"Find it"           - when he drops it in the long grass or in a big puddle
"Gimme dat"    - when he doesn't drop his ball when it's time to go home

When I actually throw, or make to throw, the ball I don't say anything.  It would be a waste of time and effort because Sym would already be arcing his way to the point where he would like to receive it, whereupon he will go down on the ground in that typical "I'm ready! Go for it!" collie pose.

When the ball is thrown, and sometimes even before, he begins the chase. He has an amazing ability to calculate the balls flight path and be there waiting for it to bounce.  He also has the ability to look incredibly smug whilst chomping on his now captured prize!

The average round of 'throw & fetch' goes like this ...

Sym races into position. I throw the ball. Sym runs, jumps and catches. He starts to bring it to me ... but catches a scent and dashes off into the long grass only to emerge minutes later minus his ball.
Sym then runs into position, oblivious to the fact that he left his ball in the long grass.
In order to let him know that I can't find the ball, I shout "Where is it?" which grabs his attention and gets him running back to where he last saw it.

At this point he will look at me with his "You're kidding, right?" expression in the hope that he doesn't have to search for it.

Now this is the really good part - which I have mentioned before - where Sym uses his nose to find out where he left the ball.

"Find it!" I cry and off he goes, nose to the ground, looking for it.

When he locates it - and he nearly always does - he switches into smug mode again and trots off along the path, casually dropping the ball somewhere along my line of march so that I can throw it again.

On those rare occasions when he drops the ball a little too far from the track, or I just can't be bothered to walk those extra few steps, I say "Fetch it!" and he jogs back down the track, picks it up and drops it a little closer to me.

Sometimes - the times when he doesn't want to go home - the "Gimme dat!" order is unpacked and aimed right at him!  He knows when this command is used it means ...

  1.  it's definitely time to go home and  
  2.  double cheese reward for compliance

I always put him back on his leash at this point and drape it over his back, letting him walk to heel for the last two hundred metres or so back to the car.

He really is a good boy at heart.

Did I ever mention that I'm proud of my pup?

Friday, 18 March 2011

Sadly, We Don't Always Win

We (Four Paws Fosterer's) are not always successful.

There are times when no amount of care, good will and veterinary skills are enough.

Sometimes ... we lose!

This is the story of one of those rare defeats at the hands of mother nature.

Lucky, approximately 18 months old, came to Four Paws along with Max (from her first litter) and six kittens (second litter).

Trudie took on the role of 'foster mum' but sadly, despite doing all that was humanly possible, she (and the vet) were helpless as the kittens, Champ, Chance, Chase, Crystal, Clover & Charm one by one passed away.


Trudie is and experienced fosterer and well aware that we can't always win but, the loss all six kittens followed soon after by her own adopted kitten, Cali, passing away due to cat flu, was a very hard blow to take and something none of us would like to endure.


Their older half-brother Max was adopted by Trudie but was sadly found to have heart problems (a condition which may have been prevalent in the kittens) and the difficult decision to help him over The Bridge in January of this year (2011) was taken.

A Four Paws Legend

The 'old fellow' gets his mug in the local paper again! 
(well done my lovely Alan xx )

Lisa Anne awarding Alan his prize.
He won the valentine competition .... which was a lovely silver heart shaped necklace from LA Jewellery.
Lisa Anne (LA Jewellery) was most interested in our charity (Four Paws) and supports a lot of good causes so, thank you Lisa Anne!

The prize!
The necklace is made of 100% recycled silver with a 16 inch chain.

Alan has kindly donated his prize to Four Paws as a raffle prize or auction lot.

Comments from the Forum:

Collie Addict: both have a heart of Gold not Silver...

MadCass&Bob: Aww! How lovely!

Shepherd Lover: Simon's words are so true and I couldnt of put it better. Thanks very much! x

Frankiebeee: How wonderful and what a lovely thought!

.... and many, many more!

Well done Alan and thank you so much!

Wicked, Wicked Birdies!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Clover: A Potted History

Clover came to the attention of Four Paws after a failed re-homing by the RSPCA.  They refused to take her back because it had taken so long to re-home her in the first place, so Kirsty took her into kennels at Claire's.

Her story wasn't great.

She had been a breeding bitch in a puppy farm for most of her estimated 8 years. No one knows exactly how many litters she produced, but I suspect she was kept very busy.

Clover suffered from a range of issues; there were scars and a partly shredded ear, she had a fear of cars, vans and people and was absolutely terrified of going for walks.

We originally took Clover from kennels as a foster dog, but we soon realised that Clover's many problems would not endear her to many prospective new owners.  She had some visitors but some were unsuitable due to the time that they would want to leave her alone over the daytime and others said that she was not what they were looking for and that they would prefer a dog with more 'pep'!

Anyway, as many of fosterer's know, sometimes you just have a feeling that the dog you are looking after will never find the right home.  We felt that way about Clover!

When she first came to us she would tuck herself away in corners and be reluctant to move.  It took her over five days to feel relaxed enough to flop onto her side next to Sox and sleep.

There were issues with our dogs too.  Sox, the old matriarch, was dominant and would tell Clover off in no uncertain terms if she deemed Clover had overstepped the mark. Sym on the other hand was sneaky and would take a nip as she tried to pass him or would deliberately block her way. This all fizzled out when they became more comfortable with each other and they all realised that none of them posed a threat to any of the others.

She soon began to settle and slowly but surely began losing her fears one by one. She would go outside on her own, we could take her for walks without her panicking and she even started to enjoy outings to the park (although it would take months for her to stop throwing up in the car).

We continued to foster and Clover was (in a motherly sort of way) a very calming influence on our other fosters.

Dinky (Clovers favourite), Lacey, Millie, Ben, Jack, Cody and Rory all benefited from Clovers calming influence.

Dinky loved Clover, as she did him!  They had a mother/son relationship which very often saw them curled up together in the same bed.  He would jump on her, over her and sometimes try to jump through her and she never batted an eyelid.

Dinky & Clover
She has never barked or growled at anyone or any other dog.  She will whimper when she wants something such as fuss or to go outside but otherwise is the quietest of dogs ... while she is awake!

When she sleeps, she snores ... she growls ... yelps ... and twitches.  She seems to be re-living the bad old days! A pat one the head usually calms her and lets her sleep easier.

We did eventually decide to adopt her ... well, she'd become part of the family and to see a once troubled girl so settled ... it would have been too difficult for her and us to let her go to another home.

Now,  'sibling' rivalries are all forgotten.  Sox and Clover often share a cushion in the living room and quite often share their food.  Clover seems to be in love with Sym and frets when he's not close by.  Sym, for his part, politely allows her to chase his ball, knowing full well he will always get there first.

We made the right decision!

Our home without Clover just wouldn't be the same.


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Queen Tess - Goodbye beautiful girl

(Originally posted on October 23, 2010 on the Four Paws Forum by Kazoo)

At 11.05 this morning our beautiful girl Tess crossed the bridge.

The beautiful Tess
We Picked Tess up at 11 am 6 weeks and 5 days ago. 

At first we thought that she was pregnant, but on further inspection by the vet we found that she needed an emergency operation. Had it been left any longer she wouldn't have made it through the week. 

She recovered well from the op but, sadly we also found lumps on her shoulder. We hoped that they were just cysts but unfortunately they weren't.  They were tumours of an aggressive nature and we were forced to make the heart breaking decision whether to put Tess through another major operation, which would not cure her, or to let her live out her final days here with us and have a fun filled time with lots of love and affection, which this special girl certainly deserved.

Tess and her new pal

Tess was such a special girl that loved to jump onto your lap and relax while you stroked her. If you stopped, she would nudge you with her nose to make you carry on. 

It may have only been 6 weeks but Tess made herself very much at home and it felt as if she had been here for a lifetime. She made us laugh, cry, shout and stressed us out, but we would have had it no other way. 

Tess may have only been a foster dog to some people, but to us she was ours and we loved her right from the bottom of our hearts.

Family snooze
If Tess couldn't be found, you would only have to look in the washing basket, as she would be sleeping in the bed she had made right underneath it all. When she was well she would meet you in the morning with such a waggy tail and she would spin in a happy frenzy as soon as she saw you.

But, alas, Tess's  condition worsened in the last week and she had lost her spark. There was no wag in her tail and no smile in her eyes and we knew it was time for her to cross the bridge where she can run happily and be free from pain.

We love you Tess so much and we hope that you enjoyed your time with us.
Have fun at the bridge beautiful lady and, when we meet again, we'll walk and play with you once more. 

You came to us as a foster but left us as part of our family! Know you were and are very much loved and will be very, very sorely missed. 

Goodnight god bless Tessina xxxxxxx
I love you so so much
Mammy L xx

I miss you already Tess, you played such a big role in our family, one that can never be filled or replaced. You taught us so much. Have fun at the bridge, run far and fast and find the comfiest place to rest in. Now you can smile again. 

Good night and sweet dreams Tess xx 

 Mammy K xxxxxxx

Tess i hope you love it at rainbow bridge and I hope everything is ok now. 
We love you lots.

Love Jade, Jimmie and Owain xxxx 
P.S i hope you liked your galaxy.

by Pebs & bubs (Leane & Kaz)

Monday, 14 March 2011

The Meaning of Rescue

Now that I'm home, bathed, settled and fed,
All nicely tucked up in my warm new bed,
I’d like to open my baggage, lest I forget,
There is so much to carry, so much to forget.

Hmm….. there it is, right on the top,
Let’s unpack Loneliness, Heartache and Loss,
And there by my leash hides Fear and Shame,
As I look on these things I tried so hard to leave,
I still have to unpack my baggage called Pain.

I loved them, the others, the ones who left me,
But I wasn't good enough, for they didn’t want me,
Will you add to my baggage?
Will you help me unpack?
Or will you just look at my things
And send me right back?

Do you have the time to help me unpack?
To put away my baggage, to never repack?
I pray that you do, I’m so tired you see,
But I do come with baggage,
Will you still want me?

Run far and wide
With the wind in your face
Live on forever
In eternal Grace.

(Unknown Author)


Molly was Christmas present!

Bought by a family with nine children ... but unfortunately one of the children was scared of her so poor Molly was, more or less, discarded with the Christmas wrapping paper.

She taken in by The Cane Corso UK & Molosser Rescue and eventually fostered by Sian .

       She has settled in so well with my two older rescue dogs that 
       she is staying!!! 
       She did have some visitors who were very keen on her but I  
       wasn't happy for an unspayed bitch
       to be re-homed!  


It may not have been planned, but it's wonderful news for Molly

Well done Sian!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Case Of The Missing Bed!

When the lovely Maisie came to us a few days ago she brought along her lovely wicker bed that she absolutely adored.

She loved it so much that none of the other dogs here could go near it without her shouting at them.

Maisie has been sleeping in the kitchen alone but last night we decided that she could sleep in the living room with Liquorice and Buffy for company. so before going to bed we put her lovely bed in the living room, made it nice and cosy, removed Liquie from it once or twice and settled Maisie into it nicely. 

We had a lovely peaceful night and then this morning we could hear Buffy and Maisie shouting really loud but a very quiet Liquorice. well we came down to a missing bed, and a very sheepish looking Liquorice. 

Do you think he's hiden it somewhere???

This is where the bed was.


3 Nov 2010

We adopted Mia this Saturday .

She's doing really well so far and is really settling in. She's very cuddly and affectionate and we're looking forward to the day she can outside and enjoy the fresh air.

We love her very much already and she's very happy!

Almost invisible, but relaxed!
13 Feb 2011

Just an update on how Mia is doing-

We've had her for just over 3 months now and she's doing really well. She's really settled in well! 

She sleeps on the bed with us at night and is so very affectionate and loving.

We've been letting her have a run-around in our back garden, which she really enjoys, and hasn't brought us back any little 'presents' yet!

We're so happy with Mia, she has made our family whole and we don't know what we'd do without her now!

Celyn and Mark


Megan (was Gracie)

Caring & sharing!

Hi everyone, I am Gracie's new mum.  

Gracie is now Megan and she is settling really well.

Helping with the laundry!
She travelled the 4 hour journey beautifully and walked into our house like she owned the place!!
Do I eat it, fight it or run away?
 She greeted all 4 of my kids with a slurp, ignored the cats and tried to play with my other dog (who wasn't too impressed). 

"Wot you doin' in my garden"?

She is happily snoozing at my feet just now. 

What a day!


Belle and Rosie

Sometimes we have to make some really difficult decisions for the pets we love. 

"This day has been a long time coming and while i'm relieved that it's over, my heart feels so sad that it's here".

( Click the link below to read the rest of this post)

laughing my abs off: belle and rosie

Sleep tight Belle & Rosie

From Sherilin  (daughter of Belle & Rosie's owners)

It was weird to see them on that page ( In Memory ) with a rainbow at the top because, right before they were put to sleep, the sky was really, really dark in the middle of the day & then a rainbow came down through the cloud.  It became a double rainbow and for us, it felt kind of like that was going to be the bridge for them to leave earth. it sounds silly, but it was sentimental to us. Then there was a picture of a rainbow on your page with a line about it being a bridge. It seemed just right and made me cry ... again!

Saturday, 12 March 2011


My seat! Find your own.
This is Lenny!

Lenny was rescued by Four Paws and, after a short stay in kennels where he was looked after by Claire, fostered by Jean (Jean57)

He was with Jean for a couple of months waiting for someone to come along and offer him his forever home.

What now?
'We are getting along really well and I couldn't manage without him now. He is a bit of a handful sometimes - can't keep him still in the car (I have no hatchback compartment) and he is too friendly with other dogs but he is only aggressive if they get nasty (proper Staffy behaviour!).

He loves the Country Park at Pembrey and we go nearly every day - other times we walk round the harbour or the local park.

I am sure we will iron out any problems over the summer. He is coming with me to Fishguard in May and a short stay in Tenby in July (in a caravan).

This is my best side!

Wish me luck'. 


Posted by Jean (Jean57) on behalf of Lenny's new family.

Friday, 11 March 2011

The Pound Dog's Prayer

I want to be free,
like all you big folks seem to be.
I want to run under blues skies,
and hear the wind as it sighs.
I want to be free,
just have someone to love me.
Someone to have me by their side
to care for me and be my guide.
I'll always be your friend, until our story's end.
You can watch me run,
see me having fun,
until our story's end.
We'll do all sorts of things,
see what our future brings.
But first I must be free,
so please, please choose me!
I want to be free!
(© George Turnbull, March. 2011)