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(Symdaddy is George Turnbull. Sym is my border collie, of which I am the 'daddy')
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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Jackson: Tuesday 5th / Wednesday 6th October

Still extending my runs but P(eter). doesn't want me to "overdo things".
He had this idea about me using a "walking stick" to reduce the strain on my good leg.
What a pathetic idea, as you can see I just couldn't get the hang of it:

Message to Buddy. The chip wasn't anything to eat, we all know that (going to England must have made you go a bit tup). I had one but it wasn't the deluxe one which DLT and his mates can use to tell your temperature - as you will find out we still have to have this thing stuck in a very undignified place. Still at least the chip wasn't on my shoulder as you will see from my smiling photo:


Still going OK (ish) but I do seem to get tired quite quickly compared to before.

P has been taking some pictures for the photo competition - says entering will mean no foodies for a few days but I'm sure I can wheedle some out of D(aphne). Have to have a word with Tyson & we'll gang up on her.

I heard her say that I should go back on full rations again to build up my strength, so that's good news. I'll have to remember to keep looking exhausted.

Pleased to report Spencer's back, which pleases Pickwick as he's been missing his hot water bottle:

Spencer is the black & white cat. Hopefully he's got over my hopping gait now. I'll have to try to move about only when he's settled.


Friday, 29 April 2011


This little 'belle' was re-homed with Jackie 
and her family on the
17th of April.
Abbie - Lurcher X pup
This is Jackie's first update on Abbie's progress ...

Just wanted to let you know that Abbie is doing so well in her new home.  She's had her next lot of vaccs and went to "puppy playgroup" yesterday and is doing really well with her training.  She is such a lovely pup and we all adore her.  Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job of fostering - we don't stop singing your praises and telling people of the great work that Four Paws rescue does.  Keep it up!

I'll keep you posted.

Best wishes

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Anya (Kenya)

Breed:            Akita X ?
Age:               12 months (approx.)
Sex:               Bitch 
Dog Friendly: Yes
Background:   Unclaimed stray.

Anya's (Kenya's) Four Paws thread

Lots of people on the forum have been enquiring about Anya and have said they would like to get regular updates on her progress.

This is her story

It's hard to believe but this beautiful girl was picked up by the dog warden in Monmouth where she had just wandered into someone’s garden.

We have no way of knowing for certain, but we think that she was probably dumped - maybe because of her medical problems.

Anya served her 7 days in the Pound and then Four Paws took her into their care.

It was very obvious from the onset that she had either limited sight or was completely blind, but she seemed otherwise to be in good health. Initially it was thought that she was barely more than a pup - maybe about 5 or 6 months - as she was very puppy-like in her ways and was still mouthing when excited.

She spent a week or two in our holding kennels but unfortunately didn't do all that well.

Obviously, her new and strange environment was upsetting her and she paced around and around like a caged lion.  It was then that we began to wonder what the future could hold for her.

But once she was out of her kennel it was a different story!  She went from the holding kennels to her new foster home via a Meet & Greet event and immediately began doing what Anya does best – makes people fall in love with her!

Once in her foster home, it became obvious that her vision was very limited but she coped well with doorways and obstacles from the first day.  Steps and stairs, however, were a different story and initially she had to be lifted up and down as she was too scared to try them on her own.

She loves the two resident dogs and learned the 'house routines' by copying and following them. I'm not sure they fully appreciate the bells that have been put on their collars (so that Anya knows where they are) but they've definitely helped.

After a couple of weeks, an appointment with a leading eye specialist was arranged and we were told that physically her eyes were normal, which wasn't good news as it meant that there was a neurological problem. We also discovered that she was at least 12 months old.

Over the next few weeks Anya started to blossom. She learned basic commands using a clicker and began to realise that treats were a good thing and not something to be suspicious of.  Initially she used to take them then drop them so she could have a cautious sniff before eating.

She picked up ‘sit’ in no time at all and from there it was easy to persuade her to ‘give paw’. She also learned recall, both to her name and/or a whistle and her latest thing navigating ‘kissing gates’ (animal proof gates) in the village; I tell her 'through' and 'round' and she gets through them perfectly.

She also became completely house-trained in the space of just a few weeks – pretty amazing when you consider that she quite possibly has never lived in a house before.

She gained confidence quickly and soon was navigating steps on her own, very often two at a time when she was in a rush.

Anya has two favourite things:

  • rushing around the fields playing with my dogs and meeting any other dogs
  • sleeping.

After a few more weeks the appointment came through for Anya to have a consultation with a neurologist and an MRI scan to see what was happening.

These are the findings from Anya's scan .....

She has severe abnormalities in her brain - at least 2 thirds or maybe more is missing and the cavity has filled with fluid (hydrocephalus). 

The specialist was amazed that she could function, never mind learn and remember things and the pictures from the scan literally have to be seen to be believed.

The outlook isn't good for the long term. But, its likely she's been this way from birth and the specialist has assured us that she doesn't have any pain.
I think anyone who has met her or seen her videos would agree that her quality of life is good.

Her future?

Well, that I'm afraid is still uncertain. The vet hadn't seen anything like it before and could give very little advice. She may have a 'meltdown' where everything will stop functioning or, there may be a more gradual deterioration.

Obviously we'll be monitoring her closely for any changes.

The results of Anya's scan mean that it is no longer appropriate to attempt to re-home Anya. She is settled in her foster home and will remain there as a long term foster with Four Paws covering all on-going medical costs.

If you wish to make a donation towards any care that Anya may need, you can do so below:

 The Anya Appeal

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Jackson: October 3rd

Sunday (03 October 2010)

Terrible weather so we've not been out much. 

P(eter) thought it was 'The Rainbow Walk' today, but I told him it was last week & that he stopped us going because he had some golf-thing to run. 

Yesterday he was away on another golf-thing and D(aphne) had to take me for a walk (he's got to get his priorities sorted out that old man). 

When he came back I was really jealous as he had obviously been wallowing in some serious mud and he didn't take me.

I've had a bit of a telling off from D&P as I have been very selfish and not introduced myself to the cats in our family. D is very much a cat person and still has two of them wandering around. 

One, Pickwick's his name, is a Balinese and was really handsome (for a cat that is) but is now 15 which according to D is positively ancient for a Balinese (or any sort of Siamese). He is really intelligent (again for a cat) - you can tell because he really likes ME. 

Pickwick & me: what a team!

We also have another cat that D "adopted" from Gareth (their youngest son) called Spencer. Spencer and I don't get along - we were getting on better before my op., but then all 30 Kgs of me bounded into the kitchen and nearly mowed Spencer down. At which point he broke the world record for 'exiting through a cat flap' and disappeared for 24 hours. Like all cats he came back for food and has started to sleep in at nights again. We did manage to get a picture just before he went out but still by the cat flap, just in case.

What with me and my three legs, geriatric Pickwick (and P) and paranoid Spencer we are a pretty dysfunctional lot.

Even D and Tyson aren't truly normal.

D is old but somewhat mad, she is out running a 10K race this morning in this weather! She runs at least 5 miles 3 times a week (even though she has a bus pass and there's a stop at the end of the road) and takes Tyson with her. 

D and her daughter took me once before my op. and they ran down by the river where she lets Tyson off his lead. He's a bit of a mummy's boy and just goes for a little paddle about and comes straight back. He doesn't like water too much, he told me. What sort of Labrador doesn't really like water? Not me! 

It was WATER! 

When D looked around she panicked ... no Jack to be seen!  Well, 'course I'd taken full advantage and I was over in the bushes on the other bank. Fortunately D heard me crashing about but then I was stuck - couldn't get down the bank. All ended well though, but D gave me a real telling off for causing her so much worry. 

But hey who's normal anyway?


Friday, 22 April 2011

Josie & Bluey

This gorgeous little lady has been re-homed with
Keith (Keith-WD) & Family.

Bluey now lives with 'TJF + 2DOGS' (forum name) and family.

Congratulations on your new family members!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Jackson: September 30, October 01 2010

Thursday pm (30 September 2010)

A much better day.

I have been perky after P(eter)&D(aphne) decided that using an ice pack (well, frozen peas) would help. I can't see why they used peas and not frozen mince I could have saved them taking it back to the freezer. It certainly seems to have improved things and I was very patient and just lay there (see picture)

They have taken me out twice today and I have to say its great to be outside and playing. I have managed to break a stick - it was hard to to the old way of holding it down with my front paws and pulling. Wasn't allowed to go far but feels great to be out in the fresh air and Peter's getting quite good at camera angles and shadows so that I look my best:

Like my mates I love chewing sticks

Tomorrow stitches out - P&D are not looking forward to getting me in to see Dai Leg Thief so they hope I've forgotten - fat chance of that. Still D will feel sorry for me when we get home - so will get a special treat if I look sad enough (I'm good at that). Roll on Saturday.

P is talking of bringing me to the Hailey Bridge thingy on Sunday but doesn't want me to go too far and the weather might not help so we'll just have to see.



Friday afternoon (01 October 2010)

Well the stitches are out and 'Dai Leg Thief' was very pleased with me said how well I'd done - if it hadn't been for you I thought I wouldn't have had to "do well" at all. However, HE was very good and I just lay there wagging my tail as he removed the stitches - mind you, he did give me a couple of bikkies that helped smooth things along.

Thanks for the advice Maggie! When I got home I put on my saddest face and D was going for one of the biggest treats when P said "Don't be fooled he didn't feel a thing - wagged his tail all the time", so no treat.  Well you find out who your mates are, don't you?

P made up a bit - he took me out in the rain this afternoon and let me go in a PUDDLE. 

Wow! I'd forgotten just how much fun going in puddles can be. 

It wasn't very muddy though, so it wasn't the sort of puddle I like best, but still great.

I suppose now I'm getting back to just being 'Jackson' again so I won't bore those that haven't already been bored and I'll just post updates every week or so - except for me getting into the car. 

I just leap in - even the 4x4 (whatever that is - am I now a 3x3?) is no problem P&D were quite amazed and  I just know I'm going for "walkies" again. 
If they had a stretch limo I could have a minibar with dog food and water bowls - some even have a hot tub I understand, how much fun would that be!

Thanks all for your interest it has helped a lot certain P&D have been encouraged that so many care its just down hard work now.

I was reading about Clover (Symdaddy's Four Paws dog) and feel really sad for her. She has had it hard all her life up until now. 

Although what happened to me is sad, in a way, at least in my life both before and after Fourpaws, I have been happy and contented and well cared for. That shows in everything I do. 

No animal has problems coping when they grow up feeling understood and wanted. Poor Clover didn't seem to have that - I am sad for her and hope she becomes happy and settled.


Sunday, 17 April 2011

Some That Thankfully Got Away!

Let's play catch-up with some re-homing successes ... 

Ice (now Layla)
Ice (left)
Re-homed with Jacic (Forum name)

Re-homed with
Proud New Owners (Forum name) mum.

Gem (was Roxie) 

Re-homed with Lilly (Forum  name)

                                                                           Maisie (Bichon Frise)

Re-homed with Steffie's (Forum name) 
Mum & Dad

Re-homed with Wyndham Jones

Re-homed with Dave & Craig
'Bluehooper' (Forum name)

Re-homed with Weniben (Forum name)

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Cat Talk!

Compliments of Kitty Stampede

Wet Trouser Time Again!

Compliments of Kitty Stampede

Jackson: September 27 & 28, 2010

Monday pm (September 27)


Spoke a bit too soon. 

Not such a good day I think I overdid things yesterday and have a sore back leg; now only have two good ones - not a satisfactory situation. So had to go back to see the man in the green coat. I'll have to get some super-glue on my paws because P(eter) still managed to drag / carry me in to see him. Once in I was OK but I still watched him carefully - last Monday he pinched my leg! I went to see him two days later & he didn't give it me back - is it any wonder I don't trust him. 'Dai, the Leg Thief' (as I call him) seemed to think I had strained a muscle & told me to take it easy for a couple of days. 

D'ya see now why P&D have been trying to get me to slow down and not rush things. 

From what Julieann (forum) said the high five is spreading thing. Perhaps it will be in the Four-Paws 'training' section next. Perhaps Barack Obama should teach it to his dog (be a bit difficult for the Queen with her corgis - suppose there could be a "low five" for them).

P&D's Note:

Noticed the problem after the post last night but people had already replied so left it as it was.

Trying to research more about tri-ped dogs we found a recent project that had studied tri-peds because "canines are known for their resilience in the face of limb loss, often managing to move about admirably on three legs". Certainly Jack has amazing at doing that from day 1- too amazing probably.

The research only involved putting tri-peds on a treadmill for two minutes and filmed their movement with high speed cameras and analysing the results

It found that with an amputated hind-leg the fore-limbs acted almost as normally and the dog needed little or no compensation in the way it moved. But with a missing fore-leg (like Jack) the remaining limbs were "forced to undergo careful adaptation to co-ordinate with each other by a process called "gait adaptation". (From day 1 Jack has been totally oblivious to the careful bit). The researchers felt the difference was due to the higher loading of the front legs as they carry more of the dog's weight. The vet confirmed that there is more twisting of the spine with front leg loss. The way Jack moves puts a tremendous load on the front leg and the spine twisting puts a strain on the back leg on the side of the missing leg - the one where Jack's trouble has developed. Hopefully it is just a strain and clears up as quickly as it came, he is certainly moving a little better this evening, don't think we could face another X-ray.

[The notes are posted as much so Fourpaws have some data should they need to talk to others after an accident etc but the front leg stress was news to me and it may be useful to owners in injury situations. Having had a dog with cruciate ligament problems I wasn't aware that the back legs took less of the dog's weight than the front.]


Tuesday pm (September 28)

A boring day just "resting". 

I have tried to show them that the leg strain is nearly gone but its difficult to tell as I walk / hop completely differently. I feel I'm nearest to my old self running - but that's not allowed at the moment.

Can't they see I'm a lot better today? I have to admit that even I don't know how much though. 

I've been much more cheerful and perky - I was a bit down yesterday. I took them a toy & wagged my tail furiously yet still no joy, so I sat looking at them with my "intelligent" look. 

I followed D(aphne) into the other room and listened to the piano but that didn't work either - I'm running out of ideas here. 

 Have I lost my charm? 

In the end they took me out - just long enough to do 'those things' that I need to do. 

It's not good for a dog like me to be bored - they'll be putting on the Marley & Me DVD next. Well even that would be better than Masterchef (Mod note: Anything is better than Masterchef!).

Not long until Friday when the stitches come out. My hair is not really growing yet but it's getting a little stubbly, I suppose - where did Graham Gooch go to get his baldness sorted?


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Dog For Sale

Free to good home. Excellent guard dog.
 Owner cannot afford to feed him anymore, as there are no more drug pushers, thieves, murderers, or molesters left in the neighborhood for him to eat.  Most of them knew Jethro only by his  Oriental streetname, Ho Lee Schitt.


Monday, 11 April 2011

Benson & Perdi

Benson & Perdi

Re-homed with

GwynPerdi&Benson (forum name)!

"Benson and Perdi are teaching each other their naughtest tricks ... "

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Jackson: September 26, 2010

Sunday pm (September 26, 2010)

I am really getting into things again now. Tyson, Peter & I went on a joint walk yesterday afternoon and this morning. 

It is quite exhausting though and 10 minute bursts are enough - I come back quite tired. 

This hopping seems to take a lot more out of me than the old way. I am lucky as very nearby we have a place with big areas of mown grass (as I shouldn't be there I can't tell you what it is used for) which helps take the shock of my front leg when it thumps down.

Unless I find a big tree cocking my leg up is difficult. With the big tree I can sort of balance with the cocked leg leaning in the tree I suppose it looks weird (P - yes it does). Tyson is a pain - keeps shoving a stick at me to wind me up - I reacted like I used to at first but found turning in tight circles caused me to lose balance; now I let him get on with it. At least now we can go out together its easier on P&D as they don't have to walk us in shifts.

Nearly everything I could do before I can do now - but my "trademark" high 5 is out I think. Good that Lablover has got another daffy lab to carry on the tradition.

I hope my progress has replaced any sadness with cheeriness - sorry for blurring last week; everyone that had fuzzy screens then please be happy for me now. 

The bruising has now nearly disappeared and the stitches appear to be doing their job well. Some dog hair restorer to cover the bald bit would help stop people saying "Aw poor thing" - it looks a lot worse than it is really. Given the amount of dog hairs I seem to generate normally (D calls me a fur factory) that should come soon. I have just seen "Beautiful Bridget" in her sweater / jumper perhaps I sould get Judith to knit me one. Think the yellow is a bit attention-seeking for me but it certainly suits B (who is beautiful but smaaaaall).

I bounce around the house , greet everybody I know with a vigorous tail wag, yes I now feel back to my happy old self. This afternoon I even barked to frighten a stranger who came to the door (that seems my job as Tyson is a bit of a wimp). I intend to enjoy life while I can - you never know what the future may hold. (P&D: our fingers and toes are crossed about that). As soon as I get permission to go haring off I'll get my fitness back - promise.

Thanks for all the interest & kind thoughts; you have all been marvellous I know you helped to P&D through a difficult time early last week. I'll keep posting any interesting pictures of my progress.

HAPPY Jackson

The Hunt, Liquie And Buffy Style

Lets got Hunting!
I've got a scent!
This way!
I can see the prey!
Get him!
Short legs! Remember?

How'd he get up there?

Oh, oh! He's Gotta stick!

Run Away! Run Away!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Chalky's Progress

Just over a month ago Chalky moved to his new home in Bristol with Fi & Nick.

 "He's been with us just over a month now. He's been an absolute delight and a barrel of laughs!
We couldn't have wished for a more friendly, loving and happy little chappie. He has settled in brilliantly and 
taken everything in his stride - we took him to Devon at the weekend and he absolutely loved the beaches and coastal walks - we couldn't be more proud of our special little man. 

We're just back from the vets where he's had his rabies jab, the first step towards his doggie passport - we hope to take him to Europe with us later in the year! He was a very good boy and showered the vet in kisses!"

 Fi & Nick

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Puppies Verses Cat

Dylan (Bernie) Re-Homed

How could this little cutie have passed me by?

Dylan (Bernie)
I adopted Bernie (now Dylan) on Sunday from Matt and Pez (fosterer's) who have done a great job with him! We decided on the name Dylan ... I think it suits his little character. 


Maisy (Daisy) Re-Homed

Maisy (was  Daisy)

3 April 2011

"Daisy, the darling Yorkie, came to her forever home this evening. 
I lost count of how many wee's she had whilst marking the garden as her territory. 
I  was sad for her as she was obviously missing, and looking for Trudie (her foster mum). 
However she is now sleeping on the arm of my daughter's armchair. 
I am sure she will settle in time and they will all get on well and be best of friends. 

As we already have a 'Daisy' we have re-named her Maisy. 
We thought, as it sounded like 'Daisy', it would be a good name and
would make things easier 
and less traumatic for her. 
Thank you to Trudie for taking such good care of her, and introducing us to her and ultimately entrusting her to us."

Sian Evans